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Cyber Solution for Legal Professions

Discover how our cyber solution can streamline your business’s compliance with Lawcover’s Risk Management Check List.

Matching Cyber Technology

Payment Processes and Email Fraud

  • Before accepting and acting upon directions for payment that are provided by email, your organisation verifies the payment details by phone (not using the phone number included in the same email as the directions for payment).
  • You inform your customers and suppliers in writing that you will never send them an email changing your bank account details.
  • You advise your customers and suppliers in writing to contact you urgently if they receive an email from your organisation purporting to change payment details.
  • You regularly check your email set up to ensure that there are no unexpected redirection rules in place (in Outlook, you can check this on the Home screen under Rules, then Manage Rules & Alerts).

Advanced Email Threat Protection that automatically detects and blocks malicious threats such as phishing, ransomware, impersonation, BEC and spam-type messages plus On-click-link verification.

Automatic Security Awareness Training that covers data management best practises and cyber security.  It comes with Simulated Phishing Campaigns that regularly checks your employees’ vigilance using the latest threat scenarios.

Software and Virus Protection

  • You have a process in place to ensure that new software patches are applied to your operating system and software.
  • You have antivirus protection in place and is it kept up to date.

Endpoint Protection and DNS Protection that continuously safeguards all devices as well as web traffic through both office and remote working environments using machine learning technology.  The threats are blocked, and the software continuously updated from a central location.

Data Storage and Backups

  • You complete daily data back-ups.
  • You check at least monthly that your back-ups are readily accessible and able to be used/not corrupted upon retrieval.
  • Where data is backed up in the cloud, do you know what authentication procedures are required by the cloud provider to ensure that unauthorised users are not able to access your organisations data.

Endpoint Backup solutions for organisation of all sizes to protect data and enable step by step roll-back for data recovery.

Automatic Continuous Backup to the Vault ensures seamless data access even in the event of Denial-of-Access due to ransomeware.

Global Device Tracking ensure data is not lost in the event of device loss, theft, damage or stolen. Remote Data Wipe and Transfer prevents unauthorised access in the event of Insider Threat.

Staff Risk-Awareness and Training

  • You have incorporated cyber risk awareness in your staff policies and training.
  • Your organisation has a “BYO device” security policy for staff members who are able to access work files on non-company devices such as smart phones, tablets or home computers.
  • You have advised all your staff members in writing of the importance of using passwords that are unique to the workplace only.
  • You and your staff automatically/regularly change your passwords every few weeks.
  • You have discussed with staff the risks associated with using free or unsecured WiFi, importing material onto the organisations computer network through a USB drive, and taking confidential material outside the workplace via USB, mobile phone or laptop.
  • You have discussed with staff the risks associated with using free or unsecured WiFi, importing material onto the practice’s computer network through a USB drive, and taking confidential material outside the workplace via USB, mobile phone or laptop.
  • Cyber risk awareness included in your induction material for new staff.

Automatic Security Awareness Training that offers 350+ cyber security modules in online micro-learning format; making onboarding and regular staff training experience effortless.

Complementing this, our Simulated Phishing Campaigns foster sustained vigilance in staffs behavior, enhancing your organization’s security posture.

Additionally, we offer services to develop, review, or update your current business policies to ensure best practices are followed.


Data Security Breaches and Privacy Protection

  • You have considered whether the Mandatory Breach Reporting regime under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) applies to your law organisation.
  • Your policies and procedures note the importance of reporting relevant data breaches.

Our multilayered protection solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing system, ensuring effective 24/7 detection, blocking, and protection minimises the chance of data breach. With unparalleled detection capabilities, it enhances early reporting of any potential data breaches.

Additionally, we provide tailored solutions utilising machine learning technology for automatic detection and masking of sensitive information, further enhancing your security measures.


Planning Ahead

  • You have an emergency response plan for what to do in the event of a cyber-attack.
  • The plan includes seeking crisis assistance from your organisation’s IT consultant with their contact details recorded for immediate response.

Our Cyber Security Assessment comprehensively identifies and evaluates cyber security vulnerabilities, offering actionable recommendations to improve your cyber security posture and enhance your readiness in the event of an emergence.


AI Powered

Our cyber solutions is power by AI to integrate near real time threats intelligence. Replace static and list-based antivirus solutions with instantaneous intelligence feeds – ensuring you are protected against the latest threats at all times.

Seamless Implementation

The solution comes with the implementation service to ensure your seamless adaptation to cyber resilience.

24/7 Support

On-going 24/7 product technical support allowing you to focus on your core business.