Why businesses need security awareness training

of successful cyber attacks are caused by human error

Source: 2022 Data Breach Investigation Report,Verizon

Robust cyber security cannot ignore users’ education

Phishing is the most popular choice for hackers because it can be easily deployed. No matter how large or small a business is, it’s a target for cybercriminals. That’s because it only takes a single unwitting click on a phishing link to grant criminals access to everything on a given network and beyond. It’s also why security awareness training and phishing simulations are essential for businesses that want to transform end users from the weakest link in the security chain into a truly resilient first line of cyber defense.

Why Choose Automated Security Awareness Training

Running 11 or more Automated Security Awareness Trainings over 4-6 months reduces phishing click-throughs by 65%!

Corporate-Grade trainings Now affordable for business of all sizes

Online on-boarding cyber security training modules for new employees

Deliver monthly phishing campaign + short training refresher for your users

Reporting tracks results of training and phishing campaigns

Understanding Cyber Security

Length: 10 min

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Understanding Phishing

Length: 8min / 3min / 1min

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GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation

Length: 20 min

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PCI DSS (for payment card data)

Length: 20 min

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Transform Your Employees into The First Line of Cyber Defense